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Aevum Lift Services takes into consideration the environmental impact of its business activities.We have policies and procedures in place and follow environmental regulations to ensure our services are energy efficient and are of low carbon emissions. As an ISO 14001 certified organisation we aim to always ensure that our  business activities have low energy consumption and are mindful of our duties surrounding recycling. All of Aevum Lift Services engineers receive environmental impact training to get an understanding of energy demands for lifts and also discover new technological innovations that help reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.


Aevum Lift Services value proposition is to Improve today, Secure tomorrow. The need to keep our lives moving comes from nature including renewable and non-renewable energies. It is for this reason that Aevum Lift Services cares about the environment and aims to always develop and improve its environmental impacts. This is also demonstrated by our environmental accreditation ISO 14001.

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